February 11, 2006

Motherofallneedles Alison has tagged me...

4 jobs you've had:
trying to think of one not connected with museums or art galleries and failing...
4 places you've lived:
there's been a LOT more than 4, but the most exotic ones would be Brussels, Lafayette California, Brighton, Liverpool
4 vacations:
first holiday abroad, Portugal; most recent holiday, Yorkshire; most memorable holidays, Las Vegas (got married) and Tampere Finland (pregnant and recovering from bad morning sickness)
4 vehicles:
mini (had two of them, fantastic car, somehow the new BMW one just isn't the same, it's the only car I've ever felt confident doing stuff under the bonnet), suzuki swift which we drove across Canada, Fiat Punto (seen us through a lot but beginning to cost us a fortune), Citroen C3 (I love that car)

tragically I think everyone I know has already done this...


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