February 28, 2006

The postman was mighty cheery this morning as he delivered a neat little package. I opened the box, DD took one look at the pink tissue, took the whole box away and said 'you can't open it until your birthday!' (my birthday is in November...)

Thankfully she was later distracted by Elmo's World and I got to open my secret pal gift. I am so chuffed! The most gorgeous wool in the most absolute 'me' colours, the pattern for a very lovely bag and yea! advice on how to felt it in a front-loading machine.

I'm a bit scared to knit it up, in case I spoil all that lovely lovely wool by felting it into a small blob, but what the hey, I start tonight!

(just one minor problem: I PROMISED myself I wouldn't start a project until I finished the last one...
current list of UFOs:
- scarf that I need to buy another couple of balls of aspen for
- skirt for sewIknit (still at material-in-the-bag stage)
- nursery flags for my secret pal (working up courage for the one with instartia)
- recipe folder for recipe swap
- barbie dress I promised DD weeks ago (likewise at material-in-the-bag stage)
- hat from vintage pattern (done 2 inches)
Ah well!)


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