March 08, 2006

For Project Spectrum's month of red and pink crafting, I've made a snuggly red moebius wrap using GGH Aspen.

I was trying to echo the depth of colour in Holbein's portrait by using the deep texture of garter stitch against the flat brocade of my coat and the 'jewels' of the Victorian brooch (from eBay!). It sort of works, and it's warm, but I'm not completely sure it's 'me' :).


Blogger Jeanne said...

Pretty, though.

7:52 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

What a lovely colour. I'm impressed by how even your stitches are - my garter stitch never looks that neat! And I love the brooch (I'm something of a sucker for them, especially pretty ones like that).


1:51 pm  

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