April 16, 2006

The gender divide... illustrated through our weekend crafting activities:

DD and I took out Cinderella from the library and we really liked her ball dress. The illustrator is Julie Monks.

Some textile paint... a potato print (DD did most of the printing herself, she had fun making the stars 'twinkle' by just adding paint to the points)... I should probably have ironed the fabric first... a bit of elastic and lace... and about 5 hours of hand-sewing (I really MUST get my sewing machine sorted)...

and here she is modelling the new skirt at the ball (well dancing on the sofa until she gets an invitation to the palace).


Last weekend DD and DH went to the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Possibly hanging out with her 8 year old cousin T made her hanker after a sword and shield. DH eventually gave in...

DH is a dab hand with insulation tape and a Pringle tube.

He may live to regret making this, but so far she seems quite happy with the idea a sword is for chopping up vegetables (thank you Royal Armouries display team and your excellent cabbage-slicing)...

Next weekend:
I tackle chain-saw carving and DH takes up flower arranging in our attempt to redress the balance.


Blogger Bryony said...

Lmao! Will you be carving ice, or something a bit more manly, like bricks? I expect to be able to hear a big roar while you do it anyway.

And how dare you visit Leeds without telling me ;D You hussy. Mind you, I wouldn't have been able to direct you to nice craft shops - only nice shops in Victoria Quarter (like Harvey Nics and LK Bennett, you know, aspirational shops where you can only afford to buy a shoe lace, but a really really nice one).

7:21 am  
Blogger Bryony said...

Ok, so you didn't visit - I misread it. Whoops! But you are still a hussy ;)

7:22 am  
Anonymous P said...

I'll tell you next time I go visit too (you can show me where Coldspring Mill is :))

8:44 am  

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