April 26, 2006

I often spend more time researching something than I do actually doing it: I can have endless patience looking at holiday options and then just forget to actually book the final choice.

I love casually browsing the internet for its wealth of source material. Back when I did academic research (when I didn't even have a computer...) I used to feel the same way about libraries; I spent a LONG time betwen shelves and shelves of bound art journals from the 1890s to 1930s. Actually reading books cover to cover appeals a lot less to me than picking out the little useful nuggets of information. Not a good completer-finisher, me...

In my slightly obsessive research towards a pointy kitty for Back Tack 3, is this going to turn into a site of pictures of cats?... :)

I love this pottery cat from Tonala, the big ceramics-producing area of Mexico. I wonder if I can translate this into fabric?


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