April 11, 2006

I'm signed up to Back Tack 3 which was an entertaining thing to do in itself - lots of crafters all competing with each other to sign up the minute the address was announced (midnight here in the UK).

Ideas have been flowing since I read the rules a couple of weeks ago so I'm excited, if a little daunted by the high calibre of the company. I've been thinking about making pointy kitty for a couple of months now so I plan to concentrate on that rather than lose myself in the wealth of softie patterns out there.

So, a little research into essential cat-ness. A few years ago I was bewitched by a book I bought in Vermont, which shows a house where the rooms' (very stylish) decoration and layout is all cat-orientated. Our poor cat doesn't even get a cat flap.

N, our cat, is an old lady now. Well travelled - she's been to California and back and survived 6 months in quarantine kennels. Her favourite hobbies are apparently kicking kitty grit all over the floor, eating grass and then coming inside to be sick and wailing for her breakfast at 6am. Oh and sleeping on people's heads. There's no denying it, cats do things the way they want.

So here's a Back Tack inspirational shot for me. Not N, it's from flickr, always a excellent research source. I like the contented look cats have when washing themselves.


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