April 02, 2006

An inspiring picture for the Orange/Yellow month of Project Spectrum. Beach Scene, 1869, by Degas; in the National Gallery in London.

Despite the Impressionist's love of plein air, I don't think Degas was that keen on fresh air - he seemed to paint a lot more indoor scenes than outdoor - and in this one the key figure pair was posed in his studio.

Which is why it feels like an April rather than a summer painting - cosy curling up inside THINKING about the beach rather than actually being there. DD said 'let's go to the seaside!' yesterday (it's about an hour and a half to North Wales from here) just as it started to rain. Hopefully we'll get there before too long.

There's a lot of tenderness between the two central characters in this painting. I'm hoping to translate this with my Orange/Yellow crafting into doing something specially for DD.


Anonymous Annie said...

I was thinking there was something odd about how that couple looked, and that's it: they don't look like they're outside. I wonder if Degas liked the result or thought it was unsuccessful, assuming he wanted it to look like a plein air painting.

1:17 am  

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