May 14, 2006

The wonderful Gwen at Bugheart offers up some of her amazing vintage collections each week in the Great Monday Give-away.

I've been on tenterhooks waiting for the postie to bring the dress I nabbed and was so excited when it came. Even the packing was amazing, and Gwen included some great yarn in the exact matching shade of orange.

In honour of Ms Bugheart's generosity, I will be doing my own Great Monday Give-away tomorrow, so y'all come back y'hear?


Blogger Bryony said...

Wow! That is very very very cute fabric :D Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. And the wrapping is lovely - it's really nice to see people making this kind of effort :) hoorah for the blogging crafters!

1:40 pm  
Blogger bugheart said...

for some reason
i missed that
you had a blog!
i am glad you
like the dress.

7:45 pm  

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