June 01, 2006

Desiree has formally adopted my Back Tack bunny, so I can now share some photos.

The rules for this round of Back Tack were detailed: only using black, white and up to 20% of one other colour, no more than 20cm high, 5 buttons and the initial of the recipient somewhere on the softie.

I went through several different pattern ideas and an awful lot of different fabric choices.

Eventually I made a bunny from Better Homes & Gardens (the pattern was sent out by the Back Tack organisers) which is great and I'll definitely use again.

I felted a cashmere tank (that I got on ebay) and it turned out unbelievably gorgeous and soft and so easy to work with. The pink ears are from an old t-shirt of DD's. I printed them with a rubber stamp tree design which came out looking quite scrappy but I really like the texture.

Four of the buttons (the 5th is the tail) are threaded on a belt which Desiree can take off and wear as a bracelet. You can JUST see the 'D' on this photo at the tip of the ear.

Although the bunny is wearing a dress, it's been consistently referred to as 'he' during its creation. Good job he's gone to live in a liberal country...


Blogger MagFly said...

He is so cute! I love the tiny nose. I guess I have to test this pattern as well.

6:58 am  

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