June 27, 2006

I will admit, not being woken at 5am with mewing for breakfast has put me in a more creative mood... although I suspect David Austin can take more credit than me for the roses.

First, I need to say some thank yous for wonderful things that arrived last week.

I really like Annie's artwork and admired some cards she made.

The wonderful person sent me some in exchange for a copy of one of DH's books.

I feel like I did nothing on that swap!

And then by some miracle (I never win anything), I won a competition at Erin's A Dress A Day blog. I'm looking forward to cosy beach reading of this (if I can find an appropriate dress to do it in).

If you don't know either of those two blogs, get over there and enjoy.

Then, the recent creative blackspot when I just didn't feel like sitting down to make anything seems to be over.

Sandra, if you're reading this, look away now!

I have an uncertain relationship with magazines as I feel I should keep them but then they clutter up the place endlessly. Recently, however, DH bought me back some magazines from a book signing in France and I had a revelation! I really just like looking at the pictures! It's OK to cut out the best bits! So I joined Cotton Strudel's magazine swap and I can't wait to see what Sandra has sent me from Belgium.

I made a quick bag to send the ones I bought and really it was an excuse to try and see if I could back fabric with freezer paper and send it through the ink jet printer. It worked absolutely brilliantly, I will definitely be doing this again (the picture is DH's, I wish I could draw like that).

And last but not least...

My copy of One Skein finally arrived.

Here's the felted bowl drying out.

I hate dpns with a passion and managed to avoid them by using a shorter circular needle and then ending with a three-needle bindoff instead of doing the last decrease row.

The wool is Twilley's Freedom Wool which actually doesn't felt quite as well as I expected but feels great to knit with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have been so busy. I'm not sure you will have time to open your next skein of yarn when it arrives. The bag and bowl look great. B&D

9:56 pm  
Anonymous Annie said...

I have the same relationship to magazines, and I have WAY too many piles of them around the house. That's an excellent tip to cut out the bits I like.

What a surprise to see that you posted a pic of my cards. I am so happy you like them!

9:39 pm  
Blogger Erin said...

just commenting here as my email was bounced (not sure why, have taken it up with the appropriate authorities) to say THANK YOU for the lovely buttons! My favorite shade of orange ... and the marvelous pattern, too!

Thanks again!

6:41 pm  

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