June 14, 2006

I've been so lucky to receive some great things through the post recently...

Astrid sent me this really soft and lovely black sweater from her Great Monday Giveaway.

I've got plans to alter it a little but I won't start it until I'm sure what to do, it would be so easy to ruin it...

And I've received my first parcel from my One Skein pal.

What a great selection! Some lovely papers, some needle point guards (which I desperately need as DD has a habit of grabbing knitting saying 'what's this, can I help?' pulling all the stitches off...) and a really intriguing thing shaped like 3 sides of a square to make a loopy scarf with - it looks great fun to try.

And the skein of yarn... ooooh! A beautiful ball of laceweight hand dyed in gorgeous shades of purple.

Lace is a new challenge for me but I've spent the last couple of weeks reading the entertaining posts on The Amazing Lace. I was wondering if I could find a simple pattern and try and make sense of the whole lace thing to select an appropriate yarn... and the perfect one turns up through my letterbox! I'm very excited to try it, thanks so much secret pal!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it. Let me know if you try the loopy thing I bought one for myself but have'nt tried it yet. B&D

7:38 pm  

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