June 02, 2006

Last weekend we went to Manchester Art Gallery. A few years ago the museum closed for several years and had an enormous refurbishment. I'm a bit scathing of the Casson Mann grey (leading UK museum designers who have so far turned several museums stylish grey...), but the galleries are still looking fabulous. It makes excellent use of breathing space in the building rather than cramming objects into every nook and cranny.

The little button exhibition was great, although the real excuse to visit was the Miffy exhibition.

I hadn't realised that all of Dick Bruna's work is cut outs - that's how he gets such flat colour. It was great to see his other illustration work as well as his children's books.

The exhibition has some great kids activities and DD got to meet Miffy herself :)


Blogger Bryony said...

I didn't get to meet Miffy when I went :( That's so unfair! ;D It's a lovely exhibit isn't it? It's really intriguing how he makes the images up. Did you buy any goodies? The button book looked rather cool...

8:33 am  
Blogger bugheart said...

oh my
i am so
that you got
to go to
see the

9:53 pm  

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