July 31, 2006

The first movie I ever saw at the cinema was The Slipper and the Rose. And I've loved it ever since. It's a musical Cinderella and, as any good musical should be, both hilarious (sometimes unintentionally) and tear-jerkingly sad.

Tie One On's theme this month is musicals...

The Slipper and the Rose features plenty of aprons, most especially during the song 'Position and Positioning' which takes place below stairs at the Prince's castle (the pictures at the bottom of the poster).

All the costumes are gorgeous and sumptuous and the servants clothes are great for swishing and totally useless for working in.

I've made a purple satin apron with decorative stitching around the edge. I also made the swishy red satin circle skirt underneath but it's not quite finished so it's a good job you can't see it properly :)

I have absolutely no idea when I will wear a purple satin apron but perhaps domestic goddesses need that bit of gorgeousness?

This was the first thing I've sewn using my new sewing machine. Trust me, satin is not a good fabric to test with...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satin is very slippery stuff.If you wear it in bed be careful not to slide out. Beautiful colour.B&D

10:03 pm  
Anonymous chelle said...

Oh, I love Slipper and the Rose. I and my friends adored Richard Chamberlain (it was a more innocent time then). The first time I went to London, Gemma Craven was playing the lead in a musical (Song and Dance) and I was so thrilled to see her in person. Your apron is fabulous!

2:55 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

oh i loved "slipper and the rose" too, love the twirly photos...

11:31 pm  

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