July 08, 2006

More wonderful parcels :)

My One Skein secret pal sent these lovely things and a great insight into the day she bought them. It was so interesting to discover a little more about her. The yarn is unbelievably cuddly and I love the card - it had a pattern printed on it!

Sandra sent me these magazines as part of the Mag swap (there were also beautiful badges made with liberty fabric and oh-so-yummy Belgian chocolate). There's more details at the Flickr group.

I was blown away by French crafting magazines: it's an entirely different mind-set to the ones you can buy at a newsagents in the UK. This spread just summed it up for me: how to make a mosaic candle holder next to an advert for gorgeous lingerie. I don't think UK crafters are expected to want nice knickers...

I've been so lucky in my swap partners so far: I've so much enjoyed discovering new ideas and new ways of doing things.

But I'm really struggling with the person I'm supposed to be spoiling in the One Skein swap. I've sent 2 parcels now and not got any response until I've enquired a good while later if they've been received. She's posts a lot on her blog and her forum so I can see she's got lots of things on the go keeping her busy, but it's not like I want a fancy response. A quick acknowledgement would be nice, a thank you even nicer. I feel like I'm being petulant about it, but when you spend time and money on someone you don't know it's nice to get some sort of feedback. I'm really unsure if I should bother with the August bit of the swap - what do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that is very ungrateful. Why enter into something like this if you can't be bothered. I'm so gald you liked your parcel and I loved the postcard you have a great way of saying thank you. I can't believe we were nearly at the same show. I'm just going to check Lucy's uni blog to make sure you can't find me and I will send you a link. Funnily enough and nothing to do with me but she specialised in knit. A big thanks again from me anyway for my postcard.

9:31 pm  
Anonymous bekka said...

i just finished knitting a beanie hat with the kimino angora, the exact colorway you received. it was delightful to have in my hands the days i knitted on the hat, and i bought two other colorways today so i can replicate the experience. i hope you enjoy the yarn as much as i did.

10:01 pm  

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