December 09, 2006

One day, about three months ago, DD remarked that her shoulders were cold. Rather than say yet again 'perhaps you should put some clothes on, then?' I foolishly remarked 'I'll have to knit you some shoulder warmers'...

Every day since then (often several times a day) I've been nagged for shoulder warmers. Today I admitted defeat and succumbed to the furstorm that is knitting with Stylecraft Gypsy and Cotton Angora held double. Both lovely yarns I'm sure if you lean towards the pink and furry... Thankfully it was 9mm needles and thus quick (even the pompoms because I cheated and just wrapped it round a rectangle of card, there are SOME advantages to super fuzzy yarn).

Basically it's a garter stitch scarf with pompom ties. Apparently it's nothing like shoulder warmers but it's better than putting a tshirt on.


Blogger elizabooth said...

You know, you've remarked before that DD is the girliest creature on earth, and I think these fuzzy pink shoulder warmers properly earn her the title. Not my style necessarily, but I think I know a two year old who would loooove these in a couple of years. Very sweet -- you are a very good mum to indulge your sweet girl.

3:43 am  
Anonymous Tami said...

What a cute shrug, oops, sorry, meant to say shoulder-warmers. That's so sweet to hear that she kept asking for them. I know a couple of girly-girls who would think that this was the cutest thing in the world. :-)

5:45 am  
Anonymous Wendy said...

How lovely to be young enough to look fantastic in pink fluffy yarn. what a lovely mum you are. p.s. you have been tagged.

8:21 pm  

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