February 07, 2007

I really don't do DPNs. Or at least I didn't...

This gorgeous tin of little needles made from the elegant tree (yes really) won me over.

I still don't understand DPNs. They look like cocktail sticks. Stitches fall off both ends. You feel like you're juggling with a spiky octopus. What's wrong with knitting flat anyway?

But I'm knitting a (or maybe more than one) testalong square. I'm very late but I'm learning.

If I'm not careful I'll start knitting socks next...

(thanks for all the positive comments about our upcoming move. I'm slowly managing to throw things away...)


Blogger Ruth Singer said...

I just mastered dpns, but did at least start with 5mm ones, so much less cocktail stick business. I did think about just putting blue-tack on the ends, or those point protector things. Definitely octopus behaviour...

I just finished the vintage hat pattern you kindly transcribed. Waiting to be steamed and sewn, but looks good so far.

(Not at Bilston on Monday, alas. I'm having an open studio on 10th March, so maybe then? Otherwise ask Emma (or whoever you are meeting) to send you an invite to the showcase, later in March. Or email me.)

11:11 pm  
Blogger elizabooth said...

Oh, I want them. I love DPNs. Even if something can be done with circs (which I despise), I almost always use DPNs for knitting in the round (unless it's something huge like a sweater or a poncho). Learn to love them -- they're fun!

1:27 am  
Anonymous ruth said...

I mastered DPNs and sock knitting late last year. Be warned that both are highly addictive. I love your tin!

10:14 am  

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