February 13, 2007

So here's my first attempt with DPNs (you can spot the ladder...).

It's a square for the testalong and I will admit to having fun. Mine's smaller than they are supposed to be because apparently the cute DPNs-in-a-tin are too short (they are made by Blue Sky Alpacas if you were wondering). But that's OK, frankly I was getting a tad bored of the pattern by that point anyway. I can see me making enough for a blanket - it's good instant gratification knitting.

The yarn is Opal sock yarn, in a colourway inspired by the artist Hundertwasser. As I was knitting it looked as if I was creating a sunflower: suddenly I understand the power of varigated yarns...


Anonymous ruth said...

I love the square, is there any chance of getting the pattern for that? Try pulling the second stitch on each new needle a little tighter and that may eliminate the ladder. I love varigated yarns too.

12:35 pm  

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