March 27, 2006

Bryony tagged me (it was last week, but I had to finish my felted bag first :)). I've done a bit of it before here, but here are the rest:

4 films I can watch over and over
I think I'm going to have to do this in categories...
- Classic movies: Rear Window, mostly because Grace Kelly is just so stylish and sophisticated - the sort of woman I want to be when I grow up :). Honourable mentions to Some Like it Hot and Roman Holiday (my Dad looked a bit like Gregory Peck).
- Adaptations of Jane Austen: Clueless, I love the colours especially. I also love Emma that had Gwyneth Paltrow in, because it captures the summery feel of Emma so well.
- John Hughes-era teen movies: I grew up in the 1980s, they were seminal. I think Breakfast Club is the best, but I also can't resist Say Anything (Cameron Crowe almost gets a category of his own, and John Cusack too - High Fidelity is probably the successor to good teen movies) and Pretty in Pink.
- Disney Princesses: I don't get much choice about watching these now but repeated (and I mean repeated) viewings has convinced me that Cinderella is the best, although Sleeping Beauty looks the nicest and Beauty and the Beast has the best characters.

4 tv shows I love to watch
- The Apprentice, get all my manangement skills from watching that
- Project Runway/Project Catwalk, admittedly the same format as above, but I really like the creative-ness of what they produce.
- Location Location Location, even after all these years, Phil & Kirstie keep me amused, although half the appeal is other people's house problems, obviously (finding myself irrestistably drawn to the very terrible Anthea Turner: The Perfect Housewife at the minute for the same reason).
- I also get very involved in big sporting events, the Olympics, Commonwealth Games etc despite being very un-sporty.

4 websites I visit daily
- Bloglines, and thus all the lovely people listed in my sidebar
- BBC News
- My email (I've got 4 in total including work, all online)
- Google, barely a day goes past when I don't need to look something up

4 fave yarns
Now here you have me... I haven't been knitting long enough to answer this conclusively. Generally love the one I'm with.


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