April 12, 2006

I saw the most amazing sunset at the beach. Because it's April there was no wispy sea haze so it was a perfect glowing orange circle disappearing into the sea.

I didn't have a camera; actually I don't think I could have captured the magic of the moment on a photograph. But here's a photo from Pictures of England (which is a great site showing the beauty of this country) of the same spot with the lovely colours.

Thinking of this wonderful sunset and the Degas indoor-beach, I set to make a Project Spectrum orange and yellow bag for DD.

The Wirral has an off-shore windfarm, and these windmills were silhouetted against the orange fire of the setting sun. I used a really simple overstitch around the outside which evokes that effect.

There's a picture of the whole bag on sew?Iknit!.


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