December 30, 2006

His 'n' hers scarves, very vaguely relating in to the Architect's Scarf pattern in Greetings from Knit Cafe. I liked the idea of the recipient choosing the changes and widths of colour.

DH's is Paton's Beehive Shetland which I really only bought because I've seen a lot of Beehive in vintage patterns and I didn't think they still made it. Maybe they don't, it was a bargain on ebay. To be honest it's a bit shiny-suit but doesn't look too bad when paired with the infinitely more superior red Debbie Bliss Merino chunky.

And mine is Malabrigo with stripes of the everlasting Rowan Cork Bryony sent me (seriously, she sent me one ball and it just keeps on going - cardi, beret and there's still some left...)

I really like the way it looks with my patterned coat, but to be honest it hasn't converted me to varigated yarns. Particularly chunky varigated. It looks so lovely in the skein, but just a little odd knitted up...

December 29, 2006

When DD was born, she was on the 7th percentile for weight, but the 93rd percentile for head size (yes it still makes me cross my legs just thinking about it). I blame the fact that we read her all those books and played her all that mozart in utero.

Cosy cloche hat in something pink that washes well. I think we have already discussed DD's love of fluffy yarn... although I will admit to quite liking it used like this.

December 10, 2006

Decorating weekend... two weeks to Christmas! (arrggghhhh)

The paper tree was inspired by Manda's much more amazing ones.

December 09, 2006

One day, about three months ago, DD remarked that her shoulders were cold. Rather than say yet again 'perhaps you should put some clothes on, then?' I foolishly remarked 'I'll have to knit you some shoulder warmers'...

Every day since then (often several times a day) I've been nagged for shoulder warmers. Today I admitted defeat and succumbed to the furstorm that is knitting with Stylecraft Gypsy and Cotton Angora held double. Both lovely yarns I'm sure if you lean towards the pink and furry... Thankfully it was 9mm needles and thus quick (even the pompoms because I cheated and just wrapped it round a rectangle of card, there are SOME advantages to super fuzzy yarn).

Basically it's a garter stitch scarf with pompom ties. Apparently it's nothing like shoulder warmers but it's better than putting a tshirt on.

December 06, 2006

This year I was determined that DD would not just scoff chocolate all the way through Advent. Or for that matter get a Polly Pocket every day as she was hoping for...

This morning she COMPLAINED about the chocolate coin so I've obviously set the bar for crafted gifts way too high (mind you this afternoon she opted for going for a walk rather than shopping so possibly she's just been replaced by an alien child)...