February 19, 2007

I'm going to have to do a map of fabric migration, I just love the idea of my stash heading round the globe.

Thanks to everyone who emailed/commented, the boxes will be much less embarrassing now.

Lori, Counting Mermaids, Cosy and Bekka: unfortunately Blogger didn't give me your email address so could you contact me so I can find out where to send yours?

February 18, 2007

I need your help...

I have too much fabric.

(well actually I think I've got a fine amount of fabric but apparently in the eyes of the house-buying public I have too much. You'd think boxes of fabric would ENCOURAGE people to purchase your house, but I'm told not. Crazy world.)

So some of it needs to go to good homes. Time for a giveaway!

Leave a comment or email me (petulant at vegemail dot com) and I'll send you a selection pack. Let me know your preferred colours, textures, patterned or plain. If you're not in the UK I'll probably make it a slightly smaller pack to cut down my postage costs, but you'll still get some. You can use it for anything, pass it on to anyone else, enjoy it in any way you want, just please don't sell it as fabric.

And in exchange... after I've moved (please don't send me anything before I move, I've got enough problems with what I've got!), send me a welcome-to-your-new-home card so it will feel all cosy and homely even if we are surrounded by boxes.

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

February 13, 2007

So here's my first attempt with DPNs (you can spot the ladder...).

It's a square for the testalong and I will admit to having fun. Mine's smaller than they are supposed to be because apparently the cute DPNs-in-a-tin are too short (they are made by Blue Sky Alpacas if you were wondering). But that's OK, frankly I was getting a tad bored of the pattern by that point anyway. I can see me making enough for a blanket - it's good instant gratification knitting.

The yarn is Opal sock yarn, in a colourway inspired by the artist Hundertwasser. As I was knitting it looked as if I was creating a sunflower: suddenly I understand the power of varigated yarns...

February 07, 2007

I really don't do DPNs. Or at least I didn't...

This gorgeous tin of little needles made from the elegant tree (yes really) won me over.

I still don't understand DPNs. They look like cocktail sticks. Stitches fall off both ends. You feel like you're juggling with a spiky octopus. What's wrong with knitting flat anyway?

But I'm knitting a (or maybe more than one) testalong square. I'm very late but I'm learning.

If I'm not careful I'll start knitting socks next...

(thanks for all the positive comments about our upcoming move. I'm slowly managing to throw things away...)